Big Things Starts from Small Beginnings

“Big things start from small beginnings…”

So I heard this song from the commercial of Milo. And i came to realization that it is really true for all things in life. You start from small and you shall grow. No shortcuts in life. If you have a goal in life, you better work hard to achieve everything you want.

I can still remember how our journey started, how it all began, and how we were able to pull off. This is a brief history of how we invested to our kits, our tools and our products through photos

Our first baby ever, BERRY. 🙂 I remember I bought this for only Php 1,800.

Then “BARBIE” came. That time she really isn’t our first choice. But since she was the one who was within our budget and since she looks the same as what we liked, we got her. Got her for Php 8,500 (originally Php 9,000 but since I haggled, got the discounted price)

And so “TOM” came. He is a he since he carries the client. He serves as the throne of the queen. As our mentor Faye Young said, “Only the queen seats on her throne.” So Tom is the man who carries the queen (our client) 🙂

But just as Tom came, he needed a partner of his height so we had to get PETUNIA. As of today, they’ve been partners for almost 6 months now.

Well I guess even things do get involve a love triangle, because we got “ATHENA”. She is also a part-time partner of Tom in some events should he be available.

Nevertheless, Petunia and Athena works together in our events. I just hope very soon she gets her sole partner for our events. Very very soon 🙂 Watch out….

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