Aireen (Our Lady of Transfiguracion Parish / Veritas Hall)

BRIDE: Aireen Catalan
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP & HAIR: Froilan Ferry Tomimbang II
ASSISTANT: Christina Orbeta
PREPARATION: Caleruega’s Retreat House
CHURCH: Our Lady of Transfiguracion
RECEPTION: Veritas Hall

Here are Aireen’s photos….

Note: Some photos may appear too orange or too pale. Kindly adjust your computer’s contrast. All photos are taken using my Canon SLR D1000 with all available light.

MAKEUP: I gave Aireen a natural fresh-look since people are used to seeing her with makeup. (Funny ‘coz Aireen brought so much makeup with her during her preparation: DIOR)

HAIR: Aireen had a tiara so a classic princess-inspired hairstyle was the chosen peg for her complete look.

The CHURCH: Our Lady of Transfiguracion. it’s actually our first time to be in Caleruega and I was really amazed by the church and the views surrounding it.

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