Jeng (Century Park Hotel / Malate Church)


BRIDE: Jeng Seng-Pantoja
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP: Froilan Ferry D. Tomimbang
HAIR STYLING: Khali Erik Delos Reyes
ASSISTANT: Christina Orbeta
COORDINATION: Kristine Gay B. Simon Weddings and Events
PHOTO & VIDEO: Smart Shot Studios
CHURCH: National Shrine of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish
RECEPTION: Kachina Hall – Century Park
CATERING: Century Park Seafood Restaurant
HOSTING: Charm Ual

Our team wasn’t really Ms. Jeng’s first choice. We were referred to her by her Coordinator who happened to be my dear friend, Kristine Simon. Lucky are we that on Ms. Jeng’s trial (her first prenup at La Mesa Eco Park), she liked our team. She also booked our team for her second prenup in Caylabne Bay Resort and Puerto Asul Beach Resort in Ternate, Cavite. She was one of the nicest client we ever had. So kind, so sweet, and so charming.

Here are Ms. Jeng’s before and after photos…


– Some photos may appear too light or too dark due to my photography lighting, kindly adjust the contrast of your screen to improve the saturation of the photos. All photos are taken using my Canon SLR D1000 with all available light.
-Other photos were grabbed from the Bride’s Facebook account.

MAKEUP: Ms. Jeng wanted red lipstick so very light eye shade was put on her. I did her makeup around 10AM with a foundation three shades lighter than her skin tone since she was acidic. Airbrush Micro-foundation on Air was used for her foundation, blush-on, contour, and nose line. She opted for traditional makeup on eyebrows and eye shadow.

HAIR: The bride opted for a simple classic updo with a little romantic inspiration. It was a bit challenging for Erik to curl her hair since it was so soft but gladly, everything worked out well 🙂

Another multiple feedback from a client…. (screen capture from my Facebook timeline)

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