Clarissa @ 18 – Moulin Rouge (Grand Terrace Events Venue)

DEBUTANTE: Clarissa Parungao
AIRBRUSH MAKEUP & HAIR: Froilan Ferry D. Tomimbang
PHOTOS: Cinematic Concepts
PREPARATION & VENUE: Grand Terrace Events Venue
EVENT STYLING: Great Expectation by Melody Cuevas

I was browsing my old flash drive when I accidentally saw these beautiful faces in a folder. One of the best debuts we ever covered and one of the nicest clients we ever had. Allow me to share the photos of this all-girl family of pretty faces and kind heart.

The Venue – Glass Garden

The Debutante: Clarissa Javellana Parungao

Clang’s Mother – Liezel

The Firce Tita – Venus

The pretty cousins 

After this event, The Javellana clan became our close friends. We already did makeup for Julie’s talent night in Bb. Valenzuela, UCPB Christmas Party for Venus, and Red Carpet Event for St. Peter Insurances for Lhong. Another event in line is Julie’s debut happening in August. This really shoes how satisfied our clients are. 🙂

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