Julius + Edelwise PRENUP (Intramuros Manila)

Whew! An unexpected client. 🙂 Edelwise’s makeup artist backed out the night before her prenup. So her coordinator, Ayie of Imbitado Events tried to call all the makeup artists their team can remember. So she texted me at around seven in the evening. Luckily I was still available for their pre-nuptial shoot. Call time was six in the morning. I was a bit anxious at first because of the short notice and I can barely remember who Ayie is but I trusted a fellow w@w supplier’s name and so we gave it a go her in a snap 🙂

SIDE STORY: We arrived at Edelwise’s house at around 6:18AM. We got lost on the way going to their house in Pasig. Her mom was so accommodating she wouldn’t let us start the makeup sessions unless we have breakfast or at least drink her coffee. But due to time constraints, we started the makeup sessions immediately.

ON MAKEUP: Edelwise wanted sexy smokey eyes with red lips. I was worried at first because her prenup starts at 8:00AM but I gave her what she wanted. 🙂 During her prenup proper, I only do her retouch whenever she changes clothes. She had three looks.

Airbrush Makeup: Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang

Hair Styling: Khali Erik Delos Reyes

Photos: Jay Lorenzana of Treasured Memoriestuxpi.com.1342239290 tuxpi.com.1342239324 tuxpi.com.1342239371 tuxpi.com.1342239398 tuxpi.com.1342239426 tuxpi.com.1342239460 tuxpi.com.1342239491 tuxpi.com.1342239524 tuxpi.com.1342239563 tuxpi.com.1342239595 tuxpi.com.1342239632 tuxpi.com.1342239675 tuxpi.com.1342239723 tuxpi.com.1342239757 tuxpi.com.1342239790

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