Isabel (Island Cove Hotel & Leisure Park)

Isabel already had a makeup artist which she had a trial makeup for their pre-nuptial shoot. But her sister, Mary Ann, opted for another makeup artist which happened to be yours truly. I guess she wasn’t satisfied of the bride’s look. Mary Ann had been my contact person from booking up to the wedding day. She saw our site and contacted me around two weeks prior to the wedding. Luckily, I am still available for Isabel’s wedding.

On Acidic Skin:

I met Isabel only on her wedding day since we did not have a trial makeup due to time constraints on both parties. I did my normal routine to ask her if she is acidic and yes, she is. If you are acidic, the makeup reacts on your skin and turns AT LEAST 2 shades darker than the rest of your skin tone. The remedy that we do is to apply a primer to separate the skin from the makeup and to use a foundation that’s 2 shades LIGHTER than your skin tone. It will look odd at first but soon as the makeup turns dark, it will be more or less be the same as your skin tone. Some skin reacts in just a few minutes of applying foundation while other react afteran hour or so. So I really recommend a trial makeup for bride-to-be’s with acidic skin so we would be able to get the correct and appropriate foundation shade for your skin tone.

On Pimple Breakout:

It is quite normal for my clients to have pimple breakout due to stress during their wedding preparation. Stress pimples cannot be pricked even in the most expensive dermal clinics because according to one famous dermatologist, it will only worsen the situation. I used Kryolan’s Dermacolor to conceal her blemishes then Micro-Foundation on Air as to nor aggravate her pimples more. This is one of the cases where I love to use airbrush makeup, especially Kryolan products.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP & HAIR: Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
ASSISTANT: Christina Orbeta
MAKEUP FOR ENTOURAGE: Khali Erik Delos Reyes

Here are Isabel’s before and after photos… (Note: Some photos may appear too light or too dark due to my photography lighting, kindly adjust the contrast of your screen to improve the saturation of the photos. All photos are taken using my Canon SLR D1000 with all available light.)

I am so touched they managed to provide a buffet breakfast for us. But what’s more touching is that they gave me this Makeup Tool belt from Lancome Paris.

And her family members….

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