Susan (Stone House Hotel)

Susan was referred to me by a coordinator/friend, Melody Cuevas of Great Expectations. Since Susan was an overseas client from SIngapore, Alex, her fiance, is the one who is transacting with me the whole time. Susan arrived three days before her wedding day and I only met her on the wedding day itself. We arrived at their hotel around 12PM even though as per contract, we were supposed to start 1PM for their 7PM wedding. Alex booked our Bride + 5 heads package but we were already done with Bride + 3 at around 4PM. Her entourage came in around 6PM so we had to wait for two more hours before we completed our services. I bet she wasn’t able to march at the aisle before the bride did.

LESSON LEARNED: Everyone taking our service should be ready at our given call time to avoid being late. Our time is budgeted so that we can finish our services at least three hours before the wedding for photo shoot, dress up and travel time (to church) purposes. We don’t want our clients to be late for their wedding. Your wedding is once in a lifetime event so we would want to give you the best out of it with a stress-free preparation.

on MAKEUP: Susan’s wedding is set at 7 o’ clock in the evening. So we both agreed for a smokey eye so give emphasis on her eyes. But since this is bridal makeup, I still managed to keep it on the softer side and maintain the “blushing bride look”.

Here are Susan’s photos….

Airbrush Makeup for the Bride: Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Hair Styling: Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Assistant: Christina Orbeta
Coordination by: Melody Cuevas of Great Expectations
Preparation: Stone House Hotel

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