Alright, so since it’s been two years (and counting) that we are in the wedding industry, it’s about time that we also do an upgrade in our kits so our clients would know that we are really serious in our craft. 🙂

1. Makeup Chair

I’ve been wanting this makeup chair ever since I started doing makeup. It is made up of aluminum just like our first makeup chair but it has a bigger width. Perfect for clients who are on the heavier side since it can carry up to 300 lbs. 🙂 It also has a mini-side table where we can place some of our hair tools or palettes sometimes. I accidentally came across photos of Suesh Makeup Toolkit and I saw this chair. I inquired through text and found out that the chair is 50% off! So believe it or not, I got the chair the next day!

Price: Php 3,250

2. Makeup Brush Set

I saw beautiful brushes from Matet Sy’s album over Facebook. She is a Cebu-based makeup artist-friend so I asked her where she got those brushes. I then found out that it from Beauty Cosmetics. I sent them a message, asked for the details and had my brushes shipped in 3 days time. Whew! I got my fourth set of brushes at a very affordable price. I may place a review of these brushes in a separate blog entry. But let me just tell you, I’ve been using these brushes for almost weeks now, and I’m really loving it. The quality is way beyond it’s price. I’ve read from another MUA’s review that these brushes are comparable to that of Sigma.

Price: Php 1,250

3. Kryolan Lip Rouge Palette in 12’s and 24’s

I accidentally saw Trisha Mercado (a co-makeup artist) tagged another MUA friend with her photo over Facebook that she is selling a 12- and 24-color lip rouge palette from Kryolan that has never been used. I added her as a friend and inquired for the price of the two lip palettes. I checked Kryolan’s page for the price and found out that the 12-color and 24-color lip rouge palettes are Php 3,900 and Php 7,600 respectively. Since Trisha gave me a price I cannot resist and because Kryolan is always on the top of my list, I decided to meet up with her. To tell you, almost 85% of the lipsticks in both palettes were not used. It’s seems like she never used any of them. And her reason? She finds it time consuming to open the cover of each shade during weddings, which I have to agree because after opening the palette, each color has it’s own cover. But like I always say, Kryolan is the number one product in my makeup kit, I find time to open the shades that I would be using.

Price: Php 2,300 (12-colors) and Php 3,500 (24-colors)

4. Kryolan Anti-Shine Powder

I’ve been reading numerous positive reviews about this product so I decided to purchase it for my personal review. This product is an extremely finely-milled powder so a little goes a long way. The remarkable thing about it is that even after a heavy application, it doesn’t look white or powdery at all (except on really dry spots), and even better, doesn’t give a flat, lifeless finish to the face like other mattifying powders. Instead, it looks like you have a normal skin––not flat, not oily, just naturally slightly glowy. This product kept my face matter for almost 8 hours. Perfect for weddings!

Price: Php 1,350

5. Kryolan Fixier Spray

This is the ultimate super glue for makeup! This product keeps your makeup into place like nothing else. It holds the makeup from transferring to your clothes or tissues even if you have colds or sorts. The only downside I can say about this product is that it feels a little sticky on the face right after application though it disappears in just a few seconds. It makes the makeup smudge, transfer, and waterproof! Ideal for bodypainting, theatrical work and bridal makeup!

Price: Php 2,650

Watch out for more…. 😉

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