Grisha (Great Eastern Hotel / Parish of the Lord of Divine Mercy / Village Patio)

I was referred to Grisha by her sister-in-law, Marie, who happened to be one of our December 2011 brides. This only shows how satisfied our clients are with the quality of work we are giving to them. Happy me ๐Ÿ™‚

Here are Grisha’s photos…

Airbrush Makeup & Hair | Froilan De Guzman Tomimbangย 
Assistant | Mark Puchero
Preparation | Great Eastern Hotel, Quezon Ave.
Photo & Video Coverage |ย F8 Digital Studio

pizap.com1354950912890212616_375216892572022_2080804909_n 197853_375217659238612_1672735603_n205161_375216945905350_606400740_n306032_375216909238687_1094103287_n
556714_375217725905272_1781108583_nย 77035_375217449238633_1912529843_n 149773_375217395905305_1115522452_n ย ย ย 67893_375524482541263_253122570_n

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