Charm (Acacia Hotel Alabang / San Isidro Labrador Parish Las Pinas / Ysabel’s Garden BF Resort)

Charm booked me without having trial makeup. Her main concern prior to booking me was   that she said she has acidic skin. If a person has acidic skin, makeup turns dark by at least two to three shades darker. Some turns dark after 30 minutes or 2 hours, while some changes color right after application of foundation. With this is mind, I did her prenup  makeup with a foundation that is two shades lighter than her skintone. But their prenup shoot was almost done and her skintone hasn’t changed. So I found out that she does not have acidic skin. Probably, her previous makeup artist/s just used the wrong shade of foundation for her. Nowadays, majority of our brides’ concern is having acidic skin so I really suggest brides to have trial makeup to see the reaction of their skin to the makeup brands used by the makeup artist and to see if the artist’s style matches what the bride wants. Normally trial makeup coincides with prenuptial shoot so that you can see how the makeup looks after long hours of shoot and walking.

For her wedding look, I applied the foundation shade that’s just right for her skintone since we found out that she’s no acidic skin. Just two coats of Kryolan MicroFoundation on Air made her makeup last all day, and all night. She wanted everything to look as soft as possible which really brought out her natural beauty.

Here are Charm’s photos….

Airbrush Makeup & Hair | Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Assistant | Christina Orbeta
Photo & Video | One R Graphic Studio
Preparation | Acacia Hotel – Alabang
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