Makeup Splurge: Kryolan’s Anniversary Sale 2013

Ever since we studied Basic Airbrush Makeup from Kryolan Professional Makeup Philippines, we started carrying this brand. It’s a makeup line you wouldn’t usually see in malls as it is known for makeup in theater, film and television. Kryolan has been an acknowledged trademark for professional makeup artists through the years and has been in the makeup industry for 66 years now.

A common question that my clients often ask is if we own Kryolan since my full name is Froilan Ferry and my partner is Khali Erik. The answer is a big “NO!” 🙂 But I am flattered that a lot of people think that way.

Anyhow, so much for the introduction. It’s Kryolan Philippines’ 4th Anniversary so they are giving away big, big, big discount every February. This is probably the time of the year when most makeup artists splurge for high-quality makeup at a very affordable price.

Here are some of the items we bought for our team…

feb (1)a Micro-Foundation on Air in shade 360 and 810 – Php 4,050 each
(Originally Php 4,500; less 10%)
We use this for airbrush foundation, eyebrows, contour, and nose bridge.

b AirStream Makeup in Dark Olive at Php 700 each
(Originally Php 1,400; 50% off)
Used as blusher for airbrush makeup

c TV Paint Stick in FS 45 at Php 1,125 each.
(Originally Php 1,250; less 10%)

d Ultra Foundation in shade LO at Php 875 each.
(Originally Php 1,750; 50% off)

e Ultra Fluid Foundation in shade ELO at Php 375 each.
(Originally Php 1,250; 70% off)

fTranslucent Powder in Shade TL2 at Php 675 each.
(Originally Php 1,350 each; 50% off)

Kryolan Anniversary promo runs from February 14 to 28, 2013 at Il Terrazzo branch only. Visit them today to enjoy the SUPER sale. To check Kryolan Philippines Facebook page for the details, click HERE.

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