Dubai-based Bride: Tarah (Rosemont Gardens / Our Lady of Transfiguracion Chapel / Bali Village)

I was really challenged to convince Tarah to book me ever since she inquired for my services over a year ago. For some reason, because I know how particular she was when it comes to her wedding details. A bride who did intensive research of her suppliers prior to booking them but at the same time, she listens to every piece of advice I gave her. Such an epitome of an ideal bride. Tarah is based in Dubai so more of our transactions were thru email. I met her only a month before her wedding during our scheduled trial makeup. But the first meeting was an instant “click”!

When we arrived at her preparation venue during their big day, I learned that she had less than 2 hours of sleep, probably, because of some errands prior to the wedding and a mixture of excitement and nervousness. But good thing, everything went well just fine. Tarah has acidic skin so I had to start her makeup with a foundation that’s 2 shades lighter than her skin tone. And to my surprise, she wasn’t oily at all unlike the usual thing with people with acidic skin. I was so happy she loved her look but was even happier that I gained another friend who still maintains constant communication with me even after the wedding. Here are Tarah’s photos…

High-Definition Airbrush Makeup | Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Hair Style | Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Assistants | Christina Orbeta, Mark Puchero & Aya Paula Garcia
Photos | Alex Ruelo of Imagine Nation Photography
Coordination | Konseptolized…Events by Ces Icamina-Serrano
Gown | Maricetela Couture

pizap.com13565811228916 563449_270414269756219_644096989_n72626_285494001581579_1641460782_n 62426_285493981581581_2051616492_n 429587_285493398248306_1467228714_n 540917_285493924914920_1831327168_n 66444_250216975109282_1324389033_n 63673_250228971774749_944389301_n 184585_250227075108272_804248215_n 423353_250235561774090_1386601461_n 538453_250235335107446_578733961_n 555046_285493338248312_1757710088_n  577234_285493358248310_2033882023_n 602689_285493318248314_746124365_n

I was so overwhelmed by her heartwarming feedback…


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