Lovielyn (Great Eastern Hotel / Aberdeen Courte)

Lovielyn has acidic skin so I had to start by applying a face primer to create a layer that will separate her skin from the makeup. I had to apply a foundation shade that is 3 SHADES LIGHTER than her skin tone. Of course, it will look ODD at first but t eventually matched her natural skin tone in time with her photo shoot. I also applied anti-shine powder to keep everything as matte as possible. Eyelid primer is also essential so as not to loose eye shadow colors when the skin’s acidity starts to react. This is quite tricky to all makeup artists but with the proper techniques, everything should work out well.

If you want to know more about Makeup for Acidic Skin, please visit our blog entry HERE.

Here are Lovielyn’s photos…

Makeup – Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Hair Style – Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Assistant – Mark Puchero
Coordination – 7ten5 Events
Photos – Funny Clikz by Vic Uson


This photo was taken right after having her makeup done. Some parts of her face still looks lighter than her skin tone.


The following photos were taken 30 minutes after her makeup was done. Notice that her skin tone is already matched.59760_632361780124045_457268978_n 528288_632361803457376_929921511_n 733887_632361743457382_1744883956_n 10928_632361963457360_262210107_n 72848_632361903457366_2144447319_n 544951_632361980124025_1791537431_n

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