Judy Kate (White Knight Hote / Patio Victoria Intramuros)

Posted by Khali Erik Delos Reyes, Wedding Makeup Artist Philippines


Airbrush Makeup – Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Hair – Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Assistant – Mark Puchero
Coordination – Imbitado Events
Photos – Rey Mondez Photojournalism

971352_4884003425433_1266469871_n 969369_4884109788092_1953059740_n 971814_4884105227978_1335979975_n 946824_4884108468059_1648641685_n 945662_4884110388107_195980539_n 575482_4884257431783_542946947_n 644288_4884006985522_541716751_n 943290_4884188110050_2005004218_n 945322_4884251271629_1296768231_n 970511_4884240991372_2127718360_n

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