The Philippine Wedding Summit 2013

Posted by Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang, Wedding Makeup Artist Philippines

IMG_5946 969867_395597347216747_736818208_n

FroilanErik Makeup Artistry have always been consistent to exclusively join only bridal fairs organized by Themes N’ Motifs simply because their staffs are so accommodating, a lot of potential clients come to their fairs and high-customer turn out. The Philippine Wedding Summit 2013 had given us 14 new brides-to-be and by far one of the most successful fairs we’ve ever joined.

Here are some of the before and after photos of soon-to-be-brides who had their trial makeup with us…

pizap.com13726927992505 pizap.com13726930963058 pizap.com13726895449514 pizap.com13726929826156 pizap.com13726930627527 pizap.com13726933045539 pizap.com137269337646410 pizap.com137269351494511 pizap.com137269361255012 pizap.com137269373596313 pizap.com137269383110014

Some after photos…

9 (2) 10 (3) 11

Thanks to everyone who made this fair successful. See you again on our next fair… 🙂

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