Cez (Jardin de Padre Pio / Our Lady of Lourdes Tagaytay)

Posted by Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang, Wedding Makeup Artist Philippines


Airbrush Makeup – Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Hair Style – Aya Paula Garcia
Photo & Video – Santos Portraits

1005969_648816221798104_2077009784_n 1002700_650858881593838_1418190749_n 941211_650852164927843_2142091125_n 993043_648815758464817_859762295_n 1002281_648815745131485_144860716_n 1005175_648815681798158_1502835812_n 480433_648813051798421_1227693182_n 1016107_602881936396742_998839341_n 1044667_648817205131339_589914380_n 946261_648817211798005_1537286700_n 1002270_602873043064298_1226402844_n

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