Paul & Ariane – Trash the Dress (Potipot Island, Candelaria, Zambales)

“From clients to friends”. This is basically how I call the relationship built between Ariane & Paul with the team. The couple is too nice, you can’t neglect them. I can still remember the very first time we met them for Ariane’s trial makeup, I already felt that they could be our friends. This post-nuptial shoot is already the fourth time I am doing Ariane’s makeup. I can say I am already familiar with every single angle of her face. And I am confident to call them real friends. The shoot was more of a bonding moment from the trip on the way to Zambales up to the “nomo” session after the shoot. This couple really made me at ease. It also lead a way for our team to bond and befriends with Jr Salonga, Mike Serrano and Nilo of Rule of Thirds by Jr Salonga Photography. To date, we still maintain constant communication and party together if time and schedule would permit.

Here are their photos…

Airbrush Makeup – Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Hair Style – Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Assistant – Christina Orbeta
Location – Dawal Beach Resort / Potipot Island

For Ariane’s makeup, (Foundation) Kryolan TV Paint Stick and Kryolan Micro Foundation on Air to make sure the makeup would last during the entire shoot when the sun was at its peak. (Powder) Kryolan Translucent Powder. (Eyeshadow) Urban Decay Naked 1 and Naked 2. (Blush) IN2IT. (Lipstick) Kryolan in LC122

20130127_141005   20130127_141112 20130127_141106

Photos from Rule of Thirds by Jr Salonga Photography

11773_492493580786786_1566408442_n 69224_492493800786764_1180914337_n 69231_492493427453468_813336401_n 404901_492493507453460_1897237064_n 419769_492493070786837_1144675549_n 426084_492493874120090_1442822492_n 522022_492493940786750_164954667_n 526467_492493530786791_633457474_n 529416_492492947453516_978485789_n 531739_492493717453439_959524288_n 534817_492493350786809_2104917785_n 538339_492493317453479_529235461_n 544539_492493724120105_661186599_n 544551_492492970786847_1132473139_n

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