Trial Hair and Makeup at the Wedding Expo Philippines March 2013

This is the second time we joined a bridal fair. FYI, we only join bridal fairs that are organized by Themes N’ Motifs. I am not prejudice, but for some reason, I find their bridal fair well-organized and really gives suppliers high-percentage of returns. This is just me so pardon me.

This fair is quite memorable because we had to do our DIY (Do-It-Yourself) booth for no carpenter was available the time we wanted our panels done. But I hope we were successful to showcase our works of art with this simple yet chic booth.

20130309_100144 20130310_101613

We enjoyed doing free makeover for our soon-to-be brides. We barely noticed that we skipped breakfast and lunch, and had dinner around 9PM.

Anyhow, here are before and after photos of some of the makeup we did. I already removed the blurry photos.

Makeup & Photos by Khali Erik Delos Reyes
Photos taken using my Samsung S3

pizap.com136344377055825 pizap.com136344263630216 pizap.com136344306811817 pizap.com136344320695918 pizap.com136344328670319 pizap.com136344334646020 pizap.com136344342607121 pizap.com136344353400822 pizap.com136344360206023 pizap.com136344369180924

Makeup and Photos by Froilan De Guzman Tomimbang
Photos taken using Samsung Note 2

pizap.com13634406991635 pizap.com13634400892543 pizap.com13634404928074 pizap.com13634408137876 pizap.com13634408808847 pizap.com13634409398848 pizap.com13634409922269 pizap.com136344106987510 pizap.com136344115485711

I can say that the fair turned out quite okay. We are joining Themes N’ Motifs bridal fair again on June 22-23, 2013 at the World Trade Center Manila. See you at the Biggest Midyear Wedding Fair, The Philippine Wedding Summit 2013.

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